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Also comes in a Posy Vase version


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Please Note

The actual Watercolours Posy may differ from the photo due to the unique nature of seasonal blooms. Rest assured, our florists will craft a Watercolours Posy, showcasing the soft and serene beauty of pastel seasonal colours, ensuring each arrangement is a unique celebration of nature's gentle palette. 🌿🌸


🌸 Embrace the Serenity – A Watercolours Posy! 🌺

On the lookout for the perfect floral surprise that radiates tranquility and gentle beauty? Enter "Watercolours" – our exquisite posy arrangement, thoughtfully curated with a burst of pastel seasonal colours. It's the ultimate gift to bring a serene smile to your loved one's space! 🐚💐

💐 A Symphony of Pastel Blooms – It's Watercolours!

Watercolours is a stunning medley of handpicked seasonal flowers in soothing pastel tones, expertly arranged to create a tranquil palette of colours, making it a delightful surprise for any occasion.


🎉 Perfect for Every Occasion:

Whether it's a birthday celebration, a heartwarming Mother's Day surprise, a token of appreciation, a get-well gesture, or a moment to celebrate the everyday – Watercolours is the ideal posy for sharing tranquility and spreading positive vibes.

🌸 Gift the Serenity – Choose Watercolours Today! 🐚

Why settle for the ordinary when you can gift the extraordinary beauty of Watercolours? This posy is ready to bring a sense of calm and elegance with its pastel hues, creating a memorable and serene floral experience! 💖🌷 

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