Refunds Policy

Returns and Refunds Procedure

Quality & Flower Care

At InBloom Florist, we are passionate about delivering high-quality products and services to our customers. We understand that flowers are a natural, perishable product that are affected by their environment and weather conditions. With our 65+ years of experience, we take pride in hand-selecting the freshest and highest quality flowers daily. However, once the flowers are dispatched, changes in conditions may affect their longevity.

We recommend that you follow our care instructions listed here to ensure that your flowers last as long as possible.

Please keep in mind that factors such as air conditioning, extreme heat, or changes in climate may have an adverse effect on the flowers. Due to these variables, we cannot guarantee the quality of the flowers in every situation.

If you're not satisfied with our products or services, please don't hesitate to let us know so that we can make things right.

When your flowers arrive, they may be in bud or partially in bloom. This is to protect the blooms during transit and ensure their freshness upon arrival. While our website may showcase fully bloomed flowers, we prioritise delivering fresh flowers in good condition over aesthetics.

Please refer to our flower substitutions policy if you have a question regarding different blooms in your bouquet.

Procedure for Returns

If you encounter any issues with your InBloom Florist order, we encourage you to get in touch with us directly. You can contact us through any of the following methods:

Phone: (02) 8937 2265


Change of mind returns - InBloom Florist does not accept change of mind returns for any of our products. To qualify for a return or refund, there must be a fault with either the product or the service received.

What if my flowers don’t last long?

If your flowers do not last beyond three (3) days from the delivery date, and we are satisfied that you followed all provided care instructions, InBloom Florist will gladly send you new blooms. On average flowers should last between 3-7 days. 

We will request photos of the original flowers and for quality control purposes, we will collect the original flowers. If the original flowers are disposed of or photos are unavailable, we cannot arrange new blooms for you.

Receiving of goods

If you receive damaged or sub-par flowers, please contact us immediately (within 3 days of receiving flowers).We will arrange to resend on the next available delivery date OR a full or partial refund 

When flowers have been damaged, we will usually ask for them to be returned or for photographs clearly showing the problem so we can investigate and claim compensation, from our courier. 

Please note after the 3-day deadline that this guarantee does not entitle you to an automatic refund or resend of blooms but is up to our discretion based on circumstances. 

If a refund or re-delivery has been approved, we will do our best to resolve the issue usually within 24-48 hours. Refunds will only be issued in the original payment method.