Collection: Roses

Welcome to our Roses collection – where love, passion, and beauty come together in a burst of floral elegance! We've got a rose for every mood and occasion, and here's the lowdown:

First up, we've got the Peach and Cream Roses. These beauties come in three sizes, so you can go big or keep it sweet and petite. Picture a sea of soft, romantic hues, mixed with lush foliage for that extra touch of charm.

Now, let's talk about the Mixed Colored Roses. It's like a party in a bouquet – a burst of different colors to brighten up any day. These also come in three sizes, so you've got options galore.

And last but not least, the Red Roses. These are the real deal – Columbian red roses that ooze passion and elegance. Choose from two sizes, 12 or 24 roses, and get ready to make a bold statement.

So, whether you're sending a message of love, celebrating a special moment, or just treating yourself, our Roses collection is here to add that touch of floral magic to your life. 🌹🌷🌼🌸