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Poppy Pleaser

Poppy Pleaser

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🎉 Sizes to Keep the Excitement Flowing: 

  • Mini (3 bunches - pictured): Get ready for a poppy party with 3 delightful bunches. It's a pop of joy!
  • Classic (5 bunches): Elevate your poppy game with 5 beautiful bunches. Poppy perfection!
  • Luxe (7 bunches): Go all out and create a poppy paradise with a grand total of 7 bunches. It's a poppy extravaganza!


Add Foliage: Poppy Pleaser is beautifully wrapped, making it a visual treat from the get-go. You can leave these poppies to do their thing solo for a chic and minimalist vibe, or you can add some lush foliage to create a fuller bouquet bursting with character. Add foliage here.

Add Vase: Like to upgrade from a bouquet to a vase arrangement? Add a vase here

Add Chocolates here

Add Alcohol: Add a celebratory drink here

Add Candles here

Please Note

Here's a fun poppy fact (which explains why our photos of poppies might not match what you receive) – did you know that poppies come in an unexpected array of colours? You won't know the hue until it 'pops' into bloom! It's a charming mystery, a surprise we all get to enjoy!


🌼 Poppy Pleaser - A Whimsical World of Poppies! 😊🌼

Step into a world of whimsy with our Poppy Pleaser – a poppy bouquet that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear! 🌼😊

🎈 Perfect for Any Occasion: Poppy Pleaser is perfect for any occasion that deserves a touch of whimsy – birthdays, heartfelt thank-yous, get-well wishes, or simply celebrating life's beautiful surprises.

🌼🎉 So, get ready for a burst of poppy pleasure with our delightful bunches. They're more than just flowers; they're a joyful celebration ready to bloom! 🌼🎉

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