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Gum - A bunch of Eucalyptus Gum

Magnolia - A bunch of magnolia foliage 

Viburnum - A bunch of viburnums foliage

Olive - A section of Olive foliage

Monstera - 5 leaves of Monstera

Please Note

The foliage chosen may not look exactly what is shown in the picture due to natures wonders!


🌿 Foliage Frenzy - Your Bouquet's Best Friend! 🌿

You know those single variety bunches that are just one step away from becoming a full-fledged bouquet? Enter "Foliage Frenzy" – the magical transformation your blooms have been waiting for!

🌱 What's the Fuss About?

Imagine this: You've got a bunch of beautiful flowers, but they're missing that extra 'oomph' to make them bouquet-ready. That's where our "Foliage Frenzy" steps in with a burst of green goodness!

🌼 Easy-Peasy Beautification:

It's like a makeover for your flowers! Simply add a handful of "Foliage Frenzy" to your single variety bunches, and voilà – you've got yourself a stunning bouquet that's ready to steal the spotlight!

🎉 Why Choose "Foliage Frenzy"?

  • It's an instant bouquet booster.
  • Perfect for turning your single variety bunches into impressive arrangements.
  • Adds a touch of freshness, volume, and flair to your flowers.
  • Allows you to get creative and mix and match with your blooms.

💐 Versatile Brilliance:

"Foliage Frenzy" isn't just about filling gaps – it's about adding character and charm to your floral arrangements. Whether you're crafting a gift, dressing up your home, or celebrating a special occasion, these vibrant greens are the perfect companions to your blooms.

So, don't let your single variety bunches miss out on the bouquet fun! Elevate your floral game with "Foliage Frenzy" and watch your flowers transform into breathtaking arrangements that are sure to impress.

🌿 Order Now and Unleash the Foliage Frenzy Magic! 🌿

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