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Farm Fresh Boxes - Classic

Farm Fresh Boxes - Classic

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 🌺 Classic (5 Varieties):

Crate Size: 36cm wide x 26cm deep x 16cm high

A sweet middle ground that offers a delightful variety of blooms.


Add Foliage: Choose some foliage to add into your own arrangement. Add foliage here.

Add Vase: Like to add a vase to make your own arrangement? Add a vase here (Note. Your flowers will NOT come in the vase, your flowers will come individually wrapped, you can then make your own vase arrangement.)

Add Chocolates here

Add Alcohol: Add a celebratory drink here

Add Candles here

Please Note

When you look in that crate, you'll discover bunches of single variety blooms wrapped separately (pictured in the gallery). They're the freshest, just snipped from our farm. As for the types of flowers? They change with the seasons, matching what's growing on the farm right now. What you see in the picture might not show up in your box. Why? Because with flowers being seasonal, we want you to have the freshest blooms possible.


🌼🌿 Farm Fresh Boxes - Nature's Magic at Your Doorstep! 🌿🌼

Step into our Farm Fresh Boxes – where the enchantment of our flower farm in Galston arrives at your doorstep! Imagine this: bunches of blooms that switch with the seasons, brightening up your space with nature's magic.

The box arrives in a rustic brown crate – the perfect mix of farmhouse charm and modern style that you can keep long after you and your blooms part ways.

 🌷 Grown, Not Flown!

These are not just your average flowers – they're fresh cut from our Galston farm. That means they're not only bursting with nature's crispness, but they'll also stay fresher for longer, going straight from the farm to your space. It's all about being grown, not flown!

🌼Now, here's the fun part, you can be the florist!

What you can do with your box contents:

🌻 Transform every corner of your space into a chic floral haven.

🌺 Create a show-stopping mixed-variety arrangement, showcasing your creativity.

🌼 Elevate your dining table with captivating centerpieces.

🌸 Share the joy by gifting a lovely bunch to your loved ones.

🌷 Brighten every nook and cranny with petite bunches.

🌿🌼 Celebrate Every Bloom with Farm Fresh Boxes!

So, whether you're up for the Mini, aiming for the Classic, or going all-in with the Luxe – simply choose your size and step right into the seasons. These boxes are more than just flowers – they're your chance to unleash your creativity, welcome change with open arms, and celebrate each and every bloom. 🛍️

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