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Each wreath offers a range of sizes to choose from:

Classic (50cm) - Timeless Tribute 🕊️ A timeless tribute, elegantly crafted to express your condolences.

Luxe (60cm, pictured) - Exquisite Elegance 🌸 An exquisite display, offering an extra touch of grace and warmth.

Grande (70cm) - Grand Gesture 🌼 A grand gesture of sympathy, honouring your cherished memories.

Please Note

Please be aware that the appearance of your Wreath may naturally vary from the photo due to the changing seasons. Nature, in its own way, ensures that each wreath is a unique and respectful expression of sympathy. 🌼🕊️


🌼 Wreath Collection - A Symbol of Honour and Love 

In moments of deep sympathy and remembrance, our Wreath collection stands as a symbol of honour and love. Designed with utmost care and respect, these wreaths are available in two serene colour varieties: Pastel and White.

🕊️ Embracing Serene Blooms 🌸

Our Wreath options embrace a variety of serene blooms, which may include lilies, roses, and delicate foliage. With each wreath, we aim to capture the essence of your sentiments, providing a heartfelt tribute to those you hold dear.


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