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Sea Mist

Sea Mist

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 Sizes for Every Gesture 🌊

We offer three sizes to suit your needs:

  • Mini: This petite beauty comes in a 10cm glass fishbowl vase. It's a delicate expression of your sentiments.
  • Classic (Pictured): For a more substantial gesture, the Classic size arrives in a 15cm glass fishbowl vase. It's a comforting presence during times of solace.
  • Luxe: Our Luxe option comes in a 20cm large glass fishbowl vase measuring. It's an elegant tribute that stands out.


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Please Note

While the actual blooms may vary slightly from the picture (nature has its own rhythm), the white and green theme will always provide a sense of tranquillity and comfort.


🌊 Introducing Sea Mist - Tranquil White and Green Bouquet 🌿🌫️

Find solace in the tranquil beauty of our Sea Mist bouquet. 🌿💫 Whether you're extending heartfelt sympathy or sending get well wishes, this neutral, white, and green-themed arrangement exudes a sense of calm and serenity.

🌿 A Gentle Mist from the Sea 🌫️

Imagine a bouquet that's like a gentle mist rolling in from the sea. Sea Mist could feature elegant roses, delightful dis buds, serene chrysanthemums, and tender carnations, all gracefully arranged with mixed foliage like eucalyptus gum.


🌫️ A Thoughtful Gesture for Any Occasion 🌿

Whether you're offering solace to a friend in need, expressing sympathy for a loss, or sending get well wishes, Sea Mist is a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes. It's more than a bouquet; it's a serene reflection of your care and support. 🌊🌿💕

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