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Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple

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Sizes to Match Your Spark 💃

Hold on to your hats because we're about to drop a bouquet-sized bombshell. We've got three sizes lined up for you, because everyone loves options, right? Here they are:

  • Mini: Perfect for a delightful burst of Raspberry Ripple to brighten up any space.
  • Classic: An abundant bouquet that's sure to make a statement.
  • Luxe (featuring the stunning Phalaenopsis orchid): The ultimate expression of red-hot elegance.


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Please Note

The actual flowers might have a little party of their own compared to the picture (nature's a bit of a wild dancer), but those red and deep pink hues will always be in the spotlight. 


🔥 Introducing Raspberry Ripple - A Sizzling Pink and Red Bouquet 💃🌹

Hey there, you fiery red enthusiasts and deep pink lovers, brace yourselves for the sensational Raspberry Ripple bouquet – a pink and red bouquet that's all about setting the town on fire with its red-hot vibes! This one's your go-to for birthdays and anniversaries, or whenever you want to turn up the heat with these electrifying shades.

🎉 A Sizzling Dance Party of Colours 💥

Imagine a bouquet that's like a sizzling dance party of red and deep pink blooms. These fiery shades are here to steal the spotlight and make you feel like you're rocking the runway. Your bouquet should feature one or more of the following, think roses, lilies, lucidendrum, and tulips – a team that's as audacious as your favorite rock concert, joined by the ever-cool mix of greenery.


So, whether you're throwing a birthday bash that's as hot as lava, celebrating a love story that's as fierce as red roses, or simply saying "you're awesome" with a burst of vibrant hues, the Raspberry Ripple bouquet is your ultimate ally. It's not just a bouquet; it's a red-hot adventure that's ready to paint the town crimson! 🔥🌹🎉

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