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Pink Skies

Pink Skies

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🎈 Sizes for Every Occasion: 

  • Mini: A delightful burst of pink to brighten any space.
  • Classic: An abundant bouquet that's sure to make a statement.
  • Luxe (featuring the stunning Phalaenopsis orchid): The ultimate expression of pink elegance.


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Please Note

The actual flowers might pull a surprise on us compared to the picture (nature's a bit of a rebel), but that pink magic will always be there to make your day.


🌸 Pink Skies - A Symphony of Pink Delight! 🌸

Hey there, lovers of all things pink and wonderfully cheerful, say hello to our pink bouquet, Pink Skies! Our rockstar florists have whipped up this fabulous creation bursting with shades of pink that's an absolute hit for birthdays, thank-yous, and the super special Mother's Day – basically any moment that deserves a pop of playful colour.

🌷 A Pink Party in the Sky: Imagine a bouquet that's like a pink party in the sky! Pink blooms! And guess what? They're not alone – there's some cool greenery in the mix, adding that perfect touch of fresh contrast that makes this bouquet a true masterpiece. It's like a pink explosion that spreads joy! The bouquet may feature pink flowers such as roses, lilies, lisianthus, and snapdragons, all swaying with the rhythm of life and wrapped up in a hug of vibrant greenery.

 🌸🌿🎉 Ready to spread some pink happiness? Whether it's a birthday bash, a heartwarming thank-you, or showering Mum with love, the Pink Skies bouquet is your VIP ticket to pink paradise. It's not just flowers, it's a carnival of colour, carefully designed to create smiles that last longer than the confetti. 🌸🌿🎉

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