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Indoor Plant Selection

Indoor Plant Selection

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🌿 Sizes to Suit Every Celebration:

  • Classic: Your selection of indoor plants arrives in a Small Crate, measuring 45cm wide x 32cm deep x 11cm high. It's a delightful addition to any room and perfect for multiple replanting adventures.

  • Luxe: Elevate your green gift with our Luxe option, which comes in a Large Crate, measuring 48cm wide x 35cm deep x 13cm high. It's an extravagant choice that offers even more plant-tastic possibilities.


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      Please Note

      Our Indoor Plant Selection includes a variety of seasonal green companions, each with its unique charm. While they may not always match the picture, they're guaranteed to bring joy and a touch of green magic to any occasion.


      🌿 Introducing Our Indoor Plant Selection - A Green Gift That Keeps on Giving! 

      From our Plant Collection, we're excited to bring you a delightful selection of indoor plants that are not just beautiful but also a gift that keeps on growing! 🌱

      🌱 Why Choose Plants Over Flowers? Here's the Scoop:

      Plants are not your average gift; they're a breath of fresh air that lasts! Unlike flowers that eventually bid adieu, these indoor beauties stick around, filling your space with vibrant energy. It's like a lasting memory of your thoughtful gesture, reminding your loved ones of your care and appreciation.

      🌱 Perfect for Every Occasion:

      Whether you're celebrating a birthday, expressing your love on Mother's Day, saying a heartfelt 'thank you,' or just spreading the joy of life, our Indoor Plant Selection is the way to go. It's not just a gift; it's a living testament to your affection.

      🪴 Join the Green Revolution – Order Your Indoor Plant Selection Today! 🪴

      Go ahead, bring the outdoors in, and let the greenery brighten up your loved one's life. And remember, the green thumb adventure doesn't end with one plant – it's the gift that keeps on growing! 🌿

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