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Coral Fantasy with Vase

Coral Fantasy with Vase

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🌱 Two Sizes to Choose From:

  • Mini:
    • Comes in a cute Glass Vase Jar with Jute Rope (11Dx15cmH)
    • Perfect for a small gesture that packs a punch! 
  • Classic:
    • Still comes in the lovely Glass Vase Jar with Jute Rope (11Dx18.5cmH)
    • A bit bigger, a lot more 'Wow!'


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Please Note

Mother Nature loves surprises, so the actual blooms might do a little dance of their own compared to the picture. However, one thing's for sure - the pastel theme will always be there.


🌸 Coral Fantasy - Because Every Thought Deserves a Blossom! 🌸

Introducing our budget-friendly Coral Fantasy bouquet, your secret weapon for sending a little message that says, "Hey, you're on my mind!" Bursting with pastel goodness, this pretty, beautiful pastel posy is here to spread smiles.

🌼 A Whimsical Pastel Dream:

Picture this: A delightful array of pastel blooms including gerbera, roses, and chrysanthemums, all mingling with a touch of mixed foliage. It's like a gentle whisper of colour and charm.

💐 Let Coral Fantasy Blossom Your Thoughts: So, whether you're looking to brighten someone's day or spreading love, the Coral Fantasy bouquet is ready to turn your thoughtful message into a bloom-tastic reality. Because, after all, every thought deserves a blossom!

🛍️ Order Now and Send Smiles with Coral Fantasy! 🛍️

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