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Collection: Event Flowers

Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate gathering, or seasonal celebration, Inbloom provides premium floral arrangements to enhance any occasion.

Event Flowers for:


Create unforgettable moments with stunning floral arrangements tailored to your special day.

Corporate Events

Enhance conferences, meetings, and dinners with elegant floral displays.

Private Celebrations

Personalised arrangements make birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements special. 

Seasonal Events

Match themed events like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or Easter with seasonal flowers.

Public & Cultural Events

Beautify exhibitions, opening nights, and ceremonies with floral decorations.

Flower Arrangement Styles 


Versatile for any event, hand-held or decoratively placed.


Elegant table settings, from modest to grand.


Perfect for memorials, holidays, and festive welcomes.

Cocktail Table Arrangements

Small vases create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

General Arrangements

Ideal for entrance tables, bars, buffets, and meeting rooms.

Large Arrangements

Bold displays for stages at graduations, corporate events, and conventions.


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