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Queen B

Queen B Candles

Queen B Candles

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Queen B's candles make a bee-utiful accompanying gift to our blooms. 

What makes Queen B candles different?

Beeswax candles are made with 100% pure Australian beeswax and pure cotton wicks, which will always be a natural alternative to other candles. 

A beeswax candle is also said to be a natural ioniser when it is burning, purifying your air of dust, pollen, odours, toxins, mould and mildew whilst leaving a light, natural honey scent.


Black Label - Moonlights 7 hr burn time - Two beautiful double walled tealight cups with the perfect beeswax candle appearing to float inside. Set Contains: Black Label gift box. 2 x double walled Queen B tea cups.
2 x Moonlight candles

Large Pine Cone - This delightful Pine Cone candle is just the thing for a beautiful, stylish gift or decoration.
Presented in a beautiful, brown kraft box with a window allowing you to see the pine cone. H:7.5cm, W:6.5cm. Burn time: 20 hours

Votive in Glass + Refill Pack - This fabulous pack contains a votive in glass (with a burn time of 15 hours) PLUS a refill candle which will give you an additional 15 hours of pure, golden hued, honey aroma-ed, smoke free light. Glass dimensions - 6.5cm (H) x 4.5cm (W)

Pear -This stunning Pear candle elevates 'pear shaped' back to it's design icon status it so rightfully deserves. Double as a stunning objet d'art when not being burned.
Presented in a beautiful, brown kraft box with a window allowing you to see the Pear. H:9cm, W:6.5cm
Burn time: 40 hours

Mindfulness Kit - This kit includes 1 x Mini Brass Beehive candleholder (Australian Made, of course) + 8 x Little Lights in a stunning wooden box with a sliding lid and a slot to pop in your favourite card.

Made specifically for our Mindfulness Kit, these Little Lights also fit all other Queen B Black Label Candleholders.

Beeswax Birthday Candles - Queen B's unique, dipped beeswax Birthday Candles are so divine you won't want to blow them out! Happily they burn for more than 30 minutes - so they'll last for many birthday parties! H: 12 cm W: 0.6 - 0.7cm

Small Christmas trees (2 Pack) - 

These delightful fir trees and just the thing for a beautiful, stylish Christmas decoration. You get two candles in each box. H:~11cm

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